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What holidays are observed at First Years University daycare?

We will be closed on the following holidays:
Due to extremely low attendance, the school will be closed at 1:00p.m. on the following days: NEW YEARS EVE, CHRISTMAS EVE, and HALLOWEEN We encourage the celebration of birthdays. We would prefer at least a day in advance notice if you plan to bring a treat. We will have planned activities on the following holiday celebrations. We welcome parent participation.
HALLOWEEN: Children may come in costume
CHRISTMAS: We will decorate a tree and exchange small gifts SANTA WILL VISIT
VALENTINE'S DAY: Everyone will exchange valentines
EASTER: Each class will decorate eggs and have an Easter egg hunt BIRTHDAYS For your convenience, we can celebrate your child's birthday at the center. If you would like us to celebrate the day, please send a cake or cupcakes for your child's group. ONLY STORE BROUGHT GOODS IN THEIR ORIGINALS CONTAINERS WILL BE USED. Your child's teacher will add special songs, games and stories to make this an extra special day for your child.

What is the vacation policy at First Years University preschool?

A two-week notice of planned vacation must be given to the center. One half of your weekly rate is granted for one week during the calendar year. HOURS:The center operates daily, Monday - Friday between the hours of6:00a.m. – 6:30p.m. (Except for listed holidays.)

Do you let your employees smoke cigarettes at First Years University child care center?

No! We will maintain a smoke-free environment and protect the health of all those who work, attend or visit First Years University. First Years University child care center is designated a smoke-free area, in accordance with the Smoke-Free childcare act section 5.5. Smoking (or holding a lit cigarette) is prohibited in all areas of First Years University, including the outdoor play areas and pathways, whether children are present or not. It is a violation for any person to smoke tobacco in any area of First Years University. This includes smoking outside of times of operation and/or when children are not present. This also includes any area of our facility that is not licensed specifically for childcare, but is part of the same structure. It is a violation for any person responsible for the operation of First Years University to knowingly allow, or encourage anyone to smoke in a licensed day care facility. This includes any person who is the owner, director and/or teacher of the licensed child care facility. Responsibilities and Procedures:
1. “No smoking” signs are posted at each entrance/exit and washroom in the center
2. Notice will be given to all parents before their child is enrolled
3. Notice will be given to all volunteers prior to providing care or guidance to the children
4. The policy will be reviewed with staff and supervisor at commencement of employment

Does First Years University daycare teach Christian curriculum?

No. As we serve children from many faiths, no religious instructions will be included into our curriculum. At times religious holidays may be discussed (Christmas, Easter, etc.) Before every meal our children give thanks for their meal.

How does First Years University handle daycare pick-ups and drop offs

No child is to be dropped off at the entrance or come into the building alone. When you enter the center with your child please sign your name on the class list in their class room, then proceed to take your child's belonging to his/her cubbie. Upon departure please remember to sign your child out. Children must arrive no later than 10:00 a.m.
If your child arrives after 10:00a.m., they will not be permitted to stay. If someone besides yourself is authorized to pick your child up, they too must follow the same procedure. Allowing a few extra minutes to spend with your child before you leave will allow for a smoother transition from home to school. Likewise, at departure time, allow children to finish their task and provide them opportunities to discuss their day with you.

What if I have an emergency and I can't pickup my child from preschool?

Children will be released only to those whose names are listed on the enrollment form.
Proper identification will be required (state I.D. or Drivers License) at the time of pickup.
After 10 minutes has passed and no contact has been made emergency contacts will be phoned. Please be sure to keep all emergency contacts updated. Once 30 minute late passed the closing hour and no contact is made with anyone concerning your child, they will be dropped off at the local police station.

What is the daycare policy for late pickup ?

Parents or designated guardians can pick up their child at any time. We have an open door policy. If you wish to observe or spend time with your child, please feel free to come in at any time during our operating hours. If you a flexible schedule that allows you to come and have lunch with your child every once in a while, we encourage you to do so. We close promptly at 6:30p.m. Please be on time when picking up your child. In the event you are late or will be late picking up your child, call at the earliest possible opportunity (this will not reduce your late fee). Additional charges will be in effect after 7:30p.m at the rate of $1.00 per minute per child. All late fees are payable before the child/children can return to school. Children will stay with teacher or director working on an activity until pickup has been arranged. Children are not responsible for late situations and the situation will never be discussed with the child. Late pickup will only be discussed with parents or guardians. After 10 minutes has passed and no contact has been made emergency contacts will be phoned. Please be sure to keep all emergency contacts updated. Once 30 minute late passed the closing hour and no contact is made with anyone concerning your child, they will be dropped off at the local police station.

How much is the daycare tuition and when are payments due?

First Years University charges a weekly rate for your child's tuition regardless of the number of days in which they attend. Your subsidized provider only pays this full amount if your child attends school 80% of the month. Effective April 1, 2002 if your child does not attend 80% of class time you will be held responsible for paying the difference that subsidy does not. If your child does not attend 80% of class time for the month you will be billed on the first of every month for the previous month. For Example, You will be billed for the month of March on April 1. All payments will be due by Friday of the first week of the Month. This charge will be in addition to your monthly Co-Payment. Example:
If your child is:

  • 6wk – Under2 your daily rate will be $46.49 day
  • 2yrs your daily rate will be $39.26 per day
  • 3yrs and up your daily rate will be $32.72 per day
  • 6yrs. - 12yrs your daily rate will be $16.36 half day $32.72 full day
  • Tuition is charged weekly.
  • Payment is due on the first Monday of each week
  • Co-Payments are due on the first of each month.
  • Tuition payments not made on time will have a $10 late fee added for every day late. Returned checks will incur a $30 service fee.
If more than one check is returned all future tuition must be paid in cash only. A child will be terminated from the center when the parents have not paid their tuition for 2 weeks. At the time of enrollment you will be charged a mandatory $10.00 T-shirt fee per child. TWO WEEKS NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN BEFORE CHILDREN ARE REMOVED FROM THE CENTER. FAMILIES WILL BE CHARGED FOR TWO WEEKS IF CHILDREN ARE REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS FEE WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SENT VIA MAIL. IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT PAID IN FULL, OR IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO A COLLECTION AGENCY AFTER 15 DAYS OF DIS-ENROLLMENT. INCREASE OF TUITION OR OTHER FEES
Parents or guardians will be notified at least two weeks in advance of any increases in tuition or other fees. ALL RATES WILL INCUR A 5% INCREASE EVERY SEPTEMBER ADDITIONAL CHARGES
Additional charges may occur for special events and field trips. You will be notified in advance for these occasions. Please pay for all special events and field trips prior to the day of the event.

What is the policy if my child gets injuried while at daycare?

MEDICAL FIRST AID If a child receives a minor superficial wound or injury while at the center, the staff will administer first aid, and the parent or guardian will be notified. Such injuries are bumps, bruises, cuts, scratches, splinters and nosebleeds. Emergency MEDICAL CARE If a child receives an injury or illness that calls for emergency medical attention, the nearest Fire Department will be called (911), and the child will be taken to the hospital that will best meet your child's needs. Your child will also be accompanied by a staff member. The parent will be contacted immediately after the ambulance has been called. If the parent cannot be reached, the emergency names given will be contacted. If no emergency names can be reached, the center will secure emergency medical care agreed upon in writing prior to enrollment. It is to your child's advantage that you keep the center up to date on emergency names and phone numbers. HYGIENIC PROCEDURES All staff and children use hand washing before and after eating, after washroom use, handling a child with drainage from nose, eyes, ears, or mouth, and before and after diapering. The staff uses disposable gloves whenever handling a child's fluids or diapering.

What is the policy if my child gets sick at preschool?


What are the operating hours at First Years University daycare?

Monday –Friday
6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
We are open for the academic school year and we also offer an extended summer program as well.

What is the policy for closing the daycare center during severe weather?

On bad weather days our school will close with school district 161. Please check your local news channel. If the center is closes early due to bad weather, parents will be notified by phone and it will be placed on the school website

My child has special medication needs. How do you handle administering medication at daycare?

Medication will be administered by assigned staff or the director only under the following circumstances: 1. Prescribed medication or non prescription drugs must be under doctor's orders.
2. A form must be filled out and signed by the parent
3. The original label must bear the child's name, directions for administering the medication, date, and the doctor's name. In case of allergies to medication, a signed statement by the physician must be furnished to the center. This will be kept on file for future reference. HEALTH AND MEDICAL FORM
Each child must present a completed medical form signed by his/her doctor prior to the first day of school. Public health mandates that your child must have: 1. An up to date medical (within 6 months of entering our school) Medicals must be updated yearly.
2. A TB test and lead test after the age of one.
3. DPT must have physician's signature and date.
4. Polio, measles and mumps must be up to date. A second dose of MMr is given between the ages of 4 and 6.
5. HIB must be up to date.
6. Lead Screening is required
7. Physical form must have physician's signature and date in two places.
8. All allergies (food, medication, etc.) must be listed.
9. Medical form must be filled out completely.
** As your child visits the Doctor please provide the center with an updated copy of your child's medical form. ***
A medical form must be completed by your child's physician and turned in to us prior to your child's first day of school. We can provide you with this form. It is the parent's responsibility to see that these forms are updated each time your child returns for a physical vaccination. For the well being of the individual child and his/her classmates, one who shows any sign of illness should be kept at home. A child absent for five consecutive days must bring a note from his doctor readmitting the child to school. PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES WHEN DECIDING WHETHER YOUR CHILD IS WELL ENOUGH FOR SCHOOL. THE FOLLOWING SITUATIONS ARE EXAMPLES OF WHEN YOUR CHILD SHOULD REMAIN HOME: 1. If your child's oral temperature exceeds 101f or higher, or under the arm temperature of 100F or higher
2. If a rash is present that has not been evaluated by a physician, including open sores.
3. If your child vomits and continues to experience nausea and/or vomiting.
4. If there is any sign of infestation with lice (nits in hair, itchy scalp) the child should be evaluated for treatment.
5. If your child shows signs of upper respiratory infection (cold symptoms) serious enough to interfere with his/her ability to participate in our daily activities. Signs of infection include runny nose with yellow or green mucous, and or harsh congested cough with breathing difficulty and or fever.
6. If there are any signs of conjunctivitis (pink eye) with matter coming from one or both eyes, itching, crusts on eyelids, the child should be evaluated by a physician.
7. If your child experiences diarrhea, or repeated watery stools, it could be a sign of infection or more serious illness. It is recommended that a physician evaluate the child. If the physician believes that the child's health is not contagious, he may write a note stating so, and a physician should evaluate the child.

When is the best time to contact First Years University daycare center?

We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you would like to leave anonymous comments please place them in our payment box located near the front office. If you have any questions about your child's progress, we will be happy to do an evaluation. Parent/Teacher conferences are encouraged and can be arranged based on parent's convenience during the centers operating hours. The best time to reach our teachers is between the hours of 12:30 - 2:00. By working together, we can enhance your child's First Years of learning. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ANYTIME.

Will you celebrate my childs birthday at preschool?

For your convenience, we can celebrate your child's birthday at the center. If you would like us to celebrate the day, please send a cake or cupcakes for your child's group. ONLY STORE BROUGHT GOODS IN THEIR ORIGINALS CONTAINERS WILL BE USED. Your child's teacher will add special songs, games and stories to make this an extra special day for your child.

Is First Years University child care center licensed and insured?

D.C.F.S licenses First Year’s University. The center meets or exceeds state standards. The license is displayed in the entrance of the center. Our staff members are all mandated reporters, and any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect are reported to D.C.F.S. The center carries liability insurance required by the state. This insurance will not include medical coverage for illness or injury.

How does First Years University handle discipling and/or bullying?

In situations where children display inappropriate behavior, the guidance and discipline policy will be implemented. This policy will promote self-control, independent decision making, respect and accountability. The policy is as follows:

  • Firm but positive statements about the behavior
  • Redirection (turning their focus towards another activity)
  • Removal from the group 1 minute per age (this does not apply for ages 24 months and under)
  • Setting limits that are clear, age appropriate and understandable
  • Discussions about behavioral acts and consequences
This guidance and discipline policy will be the responsibility of the adults who have an on-going relationship with the child to ensure positive growth and development. If the behavior of the child constantly continues and/or becomes a disruption to the classroom the following will be the procedure (Documentation of each incident will be placed in the child’s file as they occur): Initial Warning: The teacher will inform the director. The director will inform the parent, in writing, of the behavior. The written notice will include the behavior displayed, actions that have been taken to correct the behavior and suggestions of ways to correct the behavior.
Second Warning: The director will call the parent to set up a meeting time to discuss the child’s behavior. Final Warning: The director will call the parent to set a meeting time. During this meeting the director, parent and teacher will be present and collectively discuss the child’s behavior and review all actions that have taken place. If at this meeting time no conclusion to the behavior can be met, the child will be dismissed. First Years University may assist in finding other childcare. When a behavior plan has been made for a child in order to correct behavior problems, the entire staff will be aware of the plan in order to ensure consistency and stability for the child. If professionals provide a plan, it will be documented in the child’s file. The entire staff will receive training on how to positively implement the professional plan. First Years University will NOT use the following for discipline:
  • Corporal punishment (hitting, spanking, swatting, beating, shaking, pinching and other measures intended to inflict or induce physical pain or fear)
  • Threatened or actual withdrawal of food, rest, use of bathroom or outside activities
  • Abusive or profane language
  • Any form of public or private humiliation, including threats or physical punishment
  • Any form of emotional abuse (shaming, rejecting, terrorizing or isolating a child)
STAFF All staff members must abide by the discipline policies and also be subject to the rules and regulation in accordance with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
PARENTS Parents must abide by the discipline policy and also be subject to the rules, and regulations set forth by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services while on the premises of First Years University.
CHILDREN Children enrolled at First Years University are subject to the center’s discipline policies while on the premises of the facility. The following rules are to be followed by the children:
  • Children must follow directions by the staff member in charge of them.
  • Children must respect others, respect the property of others, be honest, take responsibility for their own actions, refrain from fighting, hitting, biting or kicking, and refrain from any ABUSIVE LANGUAGE.

What documents and items does my child need to enroll at First Years University child care center?

Listed below you will find all the items that your child will need on the first day of school. If you have any additional questions please feel free to call or stop by our facility.

  • Updated Medical
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Food program eligibility form and enrollment form
  • Arrival/Departure plan for Transportation (if applicable)
  • Registration Fee
  • Field Trip t-shirt Fee
  • Enrollment Application
  • Emergency Medical Card
  • Change of Clothes
  • Blanket & Pillow
  • Infant formula & feeding questionnaire (if applicable)
  • Bottles with Tops (if applicable)
  • Diapers and Wipes (if applicable)
  • Preschool Parent Questionnaire
BIRTH CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENT Any child to be enrolled for the first time at First Years University must provide a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or other reliable proof of identity and age of the child within 30 days of enrollment by parent or guardian. A duplicate copy will be made of the original certified document and the original document returned to the parent or guardian no later than the end of the next business day after receipt. If a certified copy of the birth certificate is not available, the parent or guardian must submit a passport, visa or other governmental documentation as proof of the child’s identity, age and an affidavit or notarized letter explaining the inability to produce a certified copy of the birth certificate. We are required by law to notify the Illinois State Police or local law enforcement agency if the parent or guardian fails to submit proof of the child’s identity within the 30 day time frame. Any Parent or guardian who fails to submit certified copy of child’s birth certificate or other reliable proof of identity will receive letter in writing that the Illinois State Police or Local law enforcement has been notified as required by law. This letter will also advise the parent or guardian that he or she has 10 additional days to comply by submitting the required documentation.

Can my child bring in his/her own toys from home?

Friday is show and tell day. Your child may bring items of importance on this day to share with friends. This encourages and develops communication skills. Toys are only permitted on Fridays. The daycare center is not responsible for lost or broken toys.

What type of clothing should my child wear to daycare?

Please dress your child in comfortable, simple clothing. When dressing your child remember that your child will be engaged in finger-painting, outdoor play (your child will be dusty), sand/water play etc., so dress them accordingly. Independence is encouraged when playing and using the rest room. The child should be able to dress and undress himself/herself with ease. For your child's safety, provide gym shoes at all times. All personal belongings should be labeled, including jackets, boots, hats, and mittens. All children should have a change of clothing in a large zip lock bag (pants, shirt, underwear, socks) in case of accidents. We are not responsible for lost or damaged clothes or toys.

What is the policy for infants attending First Years University child care center?

When your child is dropped off each morning, please let us know when the last time your child ate and how much was consumed. This will help us understand what schedule your child is on and when we can expect to prepare for a meal. If your child is on formula from home you will need to bring it in filled bottles that your child will need for the day, or at least 3 clean bottles and concentrated formula. Each bottle that you bring must have a top. Everything needs to be labeled with your child's name, or it will be labeled with black permanent marker here. First Years University will clean and sanitize all supplies. This includes bibs, diapers, bottles, and lids. We will not prop your infant's bottle. He/she will be helped as they drink. Even when your child begins to hold the bottle, they will be given assistance if needed. When your child begins to get older, cups and uses of finger foods, will be encouraged. When it has been decided by Physician and Parent, that your child is ready for cereal or table foods, we will provide both. Our infant room is supplied with a mini food processor to grind our daily meals, to make it edible for our infants. We will let you know when your child is running short on supplies. You will find the posted menu at the front of the center. The food will be proportioned appropriately for your child. Your child will have his/her own crib. Any special blanket will stay with your child. Your child's sheets will be changed at least twice a week and more if needed. We have a washer and a dryer, so that we will have no problem if there needs to be a change or two. Please make sure you provide us with an ample supply of disposable diapers. If you have been notified that your child was out of diapers, and you still don't replenish them we will use the center's diapers for a charge of $2.00 per diaper. A daily log will be kept on your child. You will be given a copy of his/her daily activities at the time of pick up

My child has food allergies, how will you prevent an allergic reaction?

If your child has a food allergy we will work together with you and your physician to come up with a plan to prevent any reactions. At our planning meeting, we will map out a stategy for different scenarios, such as snack time, lunchtime, classroom parties, and field trips. If there is a severe allergic reaction, epinephrine will be given immediately and 911 will be called.

I'm nervous about leaving my child for the first day of preschool, what should I do?

Visit the center with your child prior to his/her first day. Explain exactly what his/her day will be like when you pick them up.

  • DO NOT be late (especially the first few weeks), your child may feel abandoned.
  • Praise him/her repeatedly for being so brave.
  • Explain that brave means doing what must be done even when you're a little frightened. The child may still cry a little for a day or so but support not sympathy is all they need.
  • Don't ask your child not to cry or make him/her feel inferior if he/she cries.
  • Don't be surprised if your child has a delayed reaction, and comes to school the first day and usually doesn't realize their parents are missing until the second day. Please don't feel guilty if your child does not cry. Increasingly today, we find children strong enough emotionally to face a new situation and parent separation with ease.

Separation anxiety on the first day of school may be difficult for the parent as well as the child. If the child cries at the moment of separation, he/she will seldom continue for more than a few minutes unless the parent communicates his/her own anxiety. Remember that it usually takes at least 3 or 4 weeks for a child to completely adjust. Give the new situation some time and encourage your child, this will make the separation less frightening.